If you’re anything like us, it’s possible – just saying – that you’ve become tired of taking the same path every day when you take your dog for a walk. And if you are bored, your pup might be, too. Even though they’ll still grab their leash and wag their tail every time you ask, “Do you wanna go on a walk?” there are ways to make things more interesting for you and your four-legged friend.

The average recommended walk length varies depending on a dog’s size and breed, but it is usually at least 20 minutes. Do you want 20 minutes of dull, or 20 minutes of fantastic? It’s time to turn off auto-pilot and explore a new path.

Take a hike
An easy and fun way to keep walks interesting is to find new trails or take your buddy on a more purposeful hike. Switching up Spot’s scenery allows your pup to encounter new experiences. Let them lead the way, encouraging them to follow their nose and explore new and exciting spaces. Meanwhile, you’ll get to enjoy natural beauty, or a different part of your neighborhood, or just bask in quality time with your best friend.

If you don’t have time to plan an entirely new route, adding something as simple as a dog park or a river path could really enhance the walk for the both of you. This addition to the route will offer new ways to keep your pup active, and you’ll stretch your legs.

After so many weeks at home, taking a safe walk with new views, smells, and experiences can do wonders for us all.